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Ali is back and we are warming up to the idea. The girls are trying to escape from New York, and Ryan is like, bitches I did that shit months ago. 

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Hey, are you guys podcasting this season?? I miss your recaps of episodes. (Added incentive for you: Paige doing things! Lucas doing things! The Last Dynasty of Rosewood doing things!)

Much like Ali, we are back, bitchesssss. A podcast about the first ep of season 5 is ready and queued to post on Monday. And we will do our best to stay on a schedule after that.

Can anyone explain to me why Emily is being such a sketchball about having dated Paige? Like I get it if she felt betrayed and didn’t want to continue dating but what is the issue with saying to this new chick with the weird face ‘we were together for a while’.

Is it because of gayness? Emily has no problem telling other people she’s gay. Is it because of not having talked to Paige? I mean, Paige knew shit was weird already. Why Emily? Why are you being so shady?

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More Paige and Mona pleeeeaaassse

Did anyone else think Mona was collecting everyone’s signatures in order to use for blackmailing later? AND yes, more Mona and Paige. #7,000TumblrPost

mona is definitely collecting signatures for nefarious purposes.

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#64: Wild Things

New podcasssssst! Before we get back to the PLL craziness, here is some movie insanity that also involves inappropriate teacher student relationships and murrrrrder.

We are still alive, just taking a bit of a breather.

I saw Maleficient, I dig it. Angelina Jolie should fly in every movie, even the ones she’s not in. Just a little Jolie zoom to give it a boost.

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Do you guys watch orphan black?


Of course I watched Faking It

…no, it’s not the best show about girls kissing. Nor should it be the only one. But it is the first one I’ve ever seen where the girls are the center of the story in this way. And they aren’t even vampires or in a distopoan future or running from zombies or anything.

I watched Faking It last night. It didn’t enrage me or anything.

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#63: A is for Answers (S4 E24)

A is not even close to for answers.